'cause not everything can be emulated ;)


You propably know there are several emulators for the MSX/ MSX2 computer system, but none of those emulators are capable of emulating a real MSX computer system. Especially the audio system seems to be a problem. I wanted every interested person to be able to look at demos and listen to music which an emulator cannot run, or run badly.


All movies and sounds are captured with from an real MSX. I had this computer since 1989 or something, my father bought it second hand from Ralf van Kilsdonk ([Quote] Ralf van Kilsdonk is roerend, en als je net zo slim bent als ralf dan is het gemakkelijk[/Quote]). The specs are:

* Philips MSX2 NMS8280 w/frame grabber
* CPU: Zilog Z80H switchable 3.54/7.14MHz
* Ram: 128KB + 1024KB Digital KC memory mapper
* VRam: 128KB
* 2 x3.5" floppy drive (720 KB)
* MSX-DOS2.20 (integrated in Konami Salamander interface)
* Digital KC slotexpander
* HSH SCSI-I interface w/Novaxis SCSI rom and Kun basic
* 1 x 40MB Quantum SCSI-I, 1 x 32MB Quantum SCSI-I harddrive
* Sound: Standard PSG, Konami SCC, Panasoft FM-Pac, MSX-Audio (NMS 1205) w/256KB sampleRam, OPL4 w/128KB SDRam (Moonsound)
* Monitor: 14" CTX Multiscan 3436

The movies

I used my Windows PC to capture the video from the MSX. It has an BT848 captures card. I first recorded everything with MPJEG compression and converted it to the DivX ;) codec with MP3 audio. Since my MSX does not have S-Video or something, I had to use the CVBS connection, which results in a bit blurry picture. It also dropped frames like hell, about 60 frames in a 2 minute AVI. I dunno why is this is but I guess the MSX composite signal is a bit crappy. But you propably won't notice, since the demos I caputured so far don't have full frame animation.