'cause not everything can be emulated ;)




[2003/03/26] Just "discovered" the KSS format. Hey this works great, no emulator or real MSX required. Too bad there isn't OPL4 support (yet). I am starting to download KSS files from everywhere and convert them myself. I might even open up a secction on this website if I feel like it.
[2002/07/05] New tracks added from (former) member of Compjoetania: Bart Roymans. Added a "Compjoetania" section for these downloads. Note that these tracks are not recorded from an MSX computer.
[2002/05/30] I have uploaded Unknown Reality as requested by mail. You can download it in the N.O.P. section. I am a bit busy lately and haven't updated my site in a while. Maybe I need a holiday?
[2001/11/15] Seems that there is some kind of trouble with the webserver. Pages are up but downloads are unavailable. I'll look into that.
[Update] The links are fixed again. Since I did not do anything about it, I don't know what the trouble could have been. Maybe there is some kind of bandwidth restriction I don't know about?
[2001/11/11] Added Impact SCC Musix Disk 1.
[2001/11/10] Added Impact Musix Disk 4 and Impact Musix Disk 5. Als created a FAC section and added FAC Music Disk 3. Thank god my capture card works in Windows XP. I can even do stuff while recording audio.
[2001/11/09] Added the site to the link database of I guess the site is now official open? I'll add some new stuff tomorrow.
[2001/09/09] Uploaded snout demo 1-6, and the Amazing Head demo of BCF. Check the BCF section for downloads. I have to redo part 1-3, because these are grabbed too dark (hmmm was that contrast slider here before?). Also added the music from "Impaccable" and "The Ant" (impact section).
[2001/09/03] Got my webspace and subdomain, thanks to The Prophet of Retrogames and ElvisP! I have to put up some adverts,  but what the hell, it's great anyway.
[2001/08/29] Snout retropage online This account is very limited, should find me some real webspace.