Title: FAC Music Disk 3
Release date: 11 september 1991
Audio: MSX-Audio (mono)
Remarks: The original music was composed in FAC Soundtracker Pro. It is additional music disk to demonstrate the possablilities of the tracker. Nevertheless, you had to pay for it. FAC Soundtracker Pro was the most expensive software I ever bought for my MSX.
Erik Duijs & Trevor Jones.Entering The Labyrinth.mp3 636KB
Erik Duijs.Filmtrack.mp3 1518KB
Erik Duijs.The One & Only FAC In The House.mp3 1829KB
Erik Duijs.The Storyteller.mp3 1687KB
John van Poelgeest & Jarre.Zoolook.mp3 1552KB
John van Poelgeest.Mars.mp3 1803KB
John van Poelgeest.Piano Prelude.mp3 1852KB
John van Poelgeest.Venus.mp3 1890KB