Title: Unknown Reality
Release date: 26/03/1994
Audio: MSX-Audio & MSX-Music (stereo)
Remarks: This is a diskdump (3 x 720MB double sided) of the release version of Unknown Reality, NOP's first mega demo. It was voted demo of the year by some magazine which I don't remember anymore.

All music was done by our friend from Compjoetania, which got a little % of the profit for that (yes we sold a demo). Unknown Reality requires 256KB or more memory and several parts use 256KB samplememory in the MSX-Music module.

Note: You might use right mousebutton/ save-as to download the archive.
NOP.Unknown Reality.zip 1688KB


Title: Klei animation part 1 (sound remix)
Release date: Dunno, got to look it up (1991?)
Audio: MSX-Audio (mono)
Remarks: This "demo" is something we made up when we were "working" at the local TV-station at the place we lived. They got expesive S-VHS cameras wich we hooked up the MSX. They used the MSX to run a TV-info channel, which started off with software from Kees Kramer himself. This software was later replaced by software that we made ourselves.

The demo was shot in a whole day time, when we got to the middle somewhere we called up our friend EREF for some help and he came up with some crazy ideas. Never made this demo with a reason, we didn't even release it. Nice to see what you could do with simple MSX-Basic :) Some samples were taken form the game Lemmings.
NOP.KleiSnd.avi 2100KB